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What is The Perfect Ocean Corporation?  The Perfect Ocean is an industrial-scale aquaponics company that has developed advanced technologies and sophisticated processing and distribution strategies.  We have proven these aquaponics technologies during the five-year operation of our former R&D facility.  That facility sold more than one million pounds of premium fish to major restaurants in the New York City metropolitan area and to fish wholesalers in the Northeast. Our goal is to create a “perfect ocean”: a network of vertically integrated, indoor, above-ground industrial-scale aquaponics facilities shielded from the harsh conditions of the external environment. Each Perfect Ocean facility will be capable of harvesting our premium brand of fish and naturally grown produce year ‘round so they can be delivered to your grocer and restaurant in a few short hours.We are considering potential sites for our first commercial aquaponics campus.


Our proposed Perfect Ocean  facilities have been designed so they can be scaled to fit any site — from a small fish grow-out building with a separate hydroponics greenhouse to a  multi-building aquaponics campus. Regardless of size, each grow-out building will be capable of housing every facet of our vertically integrated Perfect Ocean  fish and shrimp-cultivation system.  That system includes a hatchery with zoo plankton labs to feed the newborns; a nursery to nurture the fry to fingerlings; a fish-cultivation area with a scalable number of grow-out tanks; and a processing plant capable of cleaning, fileting, boning and chilling fish in its cold storage area.  Each Perfect Ocean cultivation tank will be capable of producing tons of premium fish annually.

Perfect Ocean grow-out buildings also can contain a smokehouse, computer labs, monitoring stations, and business offices. Perfect Ocean hydroponics buildings will be linked to the grow-out buildings via a sophisticated proprietary water-transfer system. Each greenhouse, which can produce tons of high-value crops yearly, will feature solar-power, advanced hydroponics technology, energy efficient lighting systems, and computer-driven controls.

Perfect Ocean Facilities Will Enhance The Landscape

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